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Greeting cards are a keepsake to our family, friends and associates telling  them we value and are thinking of them.

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Statistics say that each of us uses the average of 55 greeting cards per year.

Surprisingly enough the Chinese are credited to having the first recorded history of sending greetings for their New Years.  The Egyptians also used greetings sent on papyrus.  In the 1400's greeting cards showed up in Europe, however it wasn't until the 1850s when greeting cards started to be mass produced and became affordable for the average person to give to each other.

Since that time there have been many changes to the greeting card industry and as advancement of technology increases, the new technology advances the industry even more.

We all spend a lot of money on greeting cards.   Die cut cards have become extremely popular as they are always attractive. Die cutting gives the designer more scope to produce something memorable.  Sometimes just the design by the artist carries the card but usually it needs just a bit more of something.  Embossing and debossing will make a card memorable if used correctly.  Some card lines use glitter or gold to embellish cards very effectively too.  As we all have different opinions about designs, cards come from one color only with embossing to create effect to using a full color spectrum which can be quite spectacular. 

Greeting Cards are Available For Many Categories & Special Events

Holidays Special Occasions Categories

 New Years Day
 St. Patrick's
 April Fools Day
 May Day
 Mothers Day
 Father's Day
 Independence Day
 Thanksgiving Day
 Christmas Day

 Belated Birthday
 Bon Voyage
 Co-Worker Leaving
 New Baby
 New Home
 New Job
 Thinking of You
 Work Promotions
 Miss You
 Thank You

When you send greeting cards to families you might want to consider who all makes up the family.  Is it a couple only, a person living by their self or a family with children?  If there are children try to address the greeting card from a child's perspective.  This means Santa, or children or a naiveté scene, or an animal taking part in the Christmas season.  Cartooning for children works very well too.  For couples, look for poinsettias, candles, wreaths something far more sophisticated.  For single people, try to find cards that wrap around their personal interests.  It can be a lot of fun looking for just the right card for the special person or family.

Many times we get so wrapped up in our daily routines that we forget or haven’t had time to shop for that perfect greeting card.  Then we have several options avail to us.  We can go online and send e-greeting cards or we can keep greetings cards on hand for those special occasions. 

This outfit started their Company with greeting cards at the beginning of the last century and today operates a substantial business that services the entire home.  Some of their greeting cards are memorable and are very reasonable.  The Company is easy to deal with and has a 100% guarantee for satisfaction.   

Shop Online For Your Christmas Greeting Cards.  Satisfaction 100% Guaranteed.  Shop Online For Your Christmas Greeting Cards.  Satisfaction 100% Guaranteed. Just click on the cards to enlarge.

Their new selection is not available until July, 2011.



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