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About Old Niche

This site was developed to have a craft fair atmosphere to show and tell some of the unproclaimed craft talent that exists amongst us.

Finding special treasures is like experiencing Christmas everyday.  You never know what you will find and if it fits in with what you are doing it is a real rush.  Fun too.

Hopefully it is your start to a long,  enjoyable and rewarding  experience with the  Internet.  For those of you that have already achieved this status, we hope to have give you a good read and you find interesting and unusual items too.

We have taken every effort to design our Web site to be useful, informative, straight forward, honest and enjoyable.

If you are operating a cottage industry and you have been operating without the benefit of a website presence you may be interested in having your products represented on this site too.

We look for unusual articles or old items that have been adapted or styled into our modern world.

Payments of purchases are made to PayPal.  We charge a 15% commission.  You are responsible for shipping the product and need to provide us those costs.  You would need to open a PayPal account to to receive payment from us.

If you have a website and you feel your items are unique too and would like to  have a link on this site send your link to us.  It would be great if you would link back to us too. 

If you are interested please contact us at the email address below.  Change the word "at" to @.  We are trying to minimize our email address being harvested and appearing on email seller lists.

Thank you for visiting us

Contact us at  disberg "at" shaw.ca

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Skype:  "darlene.isberg"  Note:  You must state OldNiche to get contact status approved

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