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This is an overview of our products and then you will taken to a page for each item to give you the specific details of the presentation.  Enjoy.

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Wil-Bo Miniature Log Cabins

These are miniature log cabins created, designed and built by William Bourne.  They are of log construction with cedar shingles on a cotton-wood base.  These are great gifts and dream fulfillers.  Surprisingly men are the majority purchasers of these log cabins.


Hand Blown Glass Hearts by Luke Adams

Hanging glass hearts with twisted bottom are popular year round. Each heart features three colors and a dichroic (two color) glass accent. They measure approximately 3.5" across and are signed by the artist. The top of each heart has a carefully crafted loop for hanging.  Really beautiful. 

Greeting Cards

Now we have a choice of what kind of greetings cards we use.

We can shop in our local retail shops and browse over the various cards offered to us, choose them and take them home.  This is the old way


E-Greeting Cards

Or, we can jump on the Internet, use "e greeting cards" as a search term and you will find all kinds of Companies that offer cards that will be e-mailed to whomever you choose to receive the card.  You usually can also select the day when these e-cards are sent.  This is the modern way.


"Go Anywhere" High Chair Adapter"

Take your baby anywhere with the feeding of the child resolved with this wonderful new adaptation of the High Chair.  Works anywhere there is a regular chair


"Go Anywhere" High Chair Adapter - Feed your baby anywhere there is a regular chair.






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