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Animated E-cards and E-greetings Cards are fun to send and receive

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Statistics say that each of us uses the average of 55 greeting cards per year. 

That is based on hard copy or printed cards.  Now with this new technology of e-cards 55 only would be a mean average of our using cards. 

The additional benefits of using this type of e-greeting cards are of course the artists and designers are given a whole new medium to dazzle us with.  The cards can be static (not moving) or dynamic (animated) but they are usually very different from printed cards. 

Printed greeting cards are considered full color using 12 colors – usually much less. On the other hand our web browsers show e-greetings in 140 colors or more, depending on our computer system settings .  This gives the vibrancy and wholesome depth of detail that is enjoyed when viewing and using the ecards.  Music or audio are  usually included which gives another extra touch to the occasion.  A real benefit of sending e cards is that they can be saved in the computer and played over and over again.  Saving time and money, plus absolutely different designs are the other benefits.

This new email greeting studio is giving their customers the flexibility of also offering photo greeting cards, and personalized cards, which  are  printable.  You get the best of both methods this way.  So e card greetings are certainly evolving beyond just being funny or humorous.  The most popular cards of course are Birthday e-cards, followed next by Xmas e cards, and then Mother’s Day e-cards. 

Companies have started to recognize using e-cards to offer special corporate events, business greetings, press releases, acknowledgements and  promotions are not only economical but also incredibly effective.  They can direct this media specifically to the group or individual of their choice for maximum exposure and impact. 


Some of the  flexibility of e-cards follows:

Copyright ©-Greeting Spring-Online e card photo valentine

 Share your pictures with this romantic 3D animated photo greeting with hearts on a red background. Perfect for Valentines Day photos too.

Copyright ©-Greeting Spring-Online e card animated baby photo card  Share pictures of your  handsome newborn baby boy with this blue 3D animated photo gallery.
Copyright ©-Greeting Spring-Online e card animated baby photo card

Send online pictures of your darling newborn baby girl using this precious pink 3D animated photo gallery.

Copyright ©-Greeting Spring-e greetings wedding scrapbook

 Share online pictures of your wedding day with family and friends with this stylish scrapbook album.

Copyright ©-Greeting Spring-Xmas e-greetings photo album

 Santa relaxes with a glass of milk by a crackling fireplace as your Christmas pictures are displayed in this 3D animated photo e-card.

Copyright ©-Greeting Spring - Birthday Photo e card.

 A moon walking mouse showcases your birthday pictures in this 3D animated photo album e-card. Birthday presents, cake, a Happy Birthday banner, and balloons complete the look

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