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Find modern collectibles here.

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Collectors and their families can expect to find odd and unusual items here

Modern Collectibles are referring to what is happening now.  They may turn in to old traditions, but right now they are not.  This takes a really good eye and that special something inside of one to know what they are.

Collectors look for anything and everything. They go to flea markets, garage sales, second-hand shops, specialized retail stores, auctions, classified ads, use magazine subscriptions, belong to clubs, go to specialized shows and look over friends collections to see what's there and what the newest modern collectible might be. Mostly, what they want is hard to find, unique or unusual to them. Or, it was made en masse and they end up specializing in a section of that group. A good example of an en masse production, modern collectible would be a Walt Disney collection. Either way a person becomes fascinated with an item that you or I may just walk past, as the beauty or the intrinsic value of it is lost on us.

Collectors are on a quest. What starts this quest? They don't know until that special something relates to a feeling that comes from within them. But it definitely is an obsession that varies in intensity depending on the individual.  Quite often is is something that is an old tradition but there are much fewer collectors that work in the modern collectible field

Sometimes a collector will get started on collecting an item by friends or family. An adult gives a child a stamp starter kit, then the child gets actively involved. A youngster is out just mulling around and sees a special rock, picks it up and takes it home. Then on another day the same youngster will find another special rock and bring it home too. That is the beginning of a collection. Quite often starting a collection is an accident. You find something you really like and then find another item that is the same but different. You know how you got started. Do you remember that special bit of excitement, coupled with the desire to own it?

Now we have the Internet to add to your resources for finding that special something. Modern collectibles are what this web site is all about. We have added our modern collectibles for your consideration on the off-chance that our products are what you are looking for or would enhance your collection. Shopping for gifts is exciting too.
















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