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Custom Miniature Log Cabins

Log Cabins are part of our heritage

If our families have been in North America for generations there are generally references to the old family homestead or log cabin.  We have been brought up with these images implanted in our minds and it is totally natural to want to replicate this ambience if our fortunes afford this luxury.  However for many this is not possible.  This is another way to fulfill this desire.

Others that do not have this heritage prevalent in their background but have been drawn to it through the romance of log cabins can also fulfill their dreams with their own miniature log cabin.

Many of us think that log cabins are unique to North America but that is not so.  Log Cabins have been used throughout many countries for centuries, particularly in the Northern Hemisphere where trees are prevalent.  Besides trees being free building supplies, the tree's bio mass supports warmth much longer then other building materials if the heat is consistent.

William Bourne is the builder of our miniature cabins.  He was born on the Prairies in Canada to an old, pioneering, homestead family.  As a young man he went to seek his fortune in the northern part of the Yukon and settled in Atlin to run his trucking business and raise his family.  He has built 2 log cabins for his family dwellings over the years and started making these miniature cabins about 15 years ago.  They take him between 400 to 500 hours to complete each log cabin, including, of course, the finishing touches of articles.  Since he retired last year he moved to a warmer climate and now resides in Terrace, B.C. He can now build 3 or 4 of the miniature log cabins  per year. 

The scale of the log cabins are between 1:24 to 1:36.  He just starts building them without any scale in mind and they generally fit into this scale range.  Finding items to complete this scaling can be a challenge too.  Each cabin comes complete with furbishing.  The roof opens up on the right hand side, front to back.  Electricity has been deliberately omitted,  due to the shipping challenges and also the wide variance of preferences by the ultimate owners.  Each of his miniature log cabins are handmade and have slight variances.  He has also built a few custom miniature log cabins from photographs provided by log cabin owners. 

The purchase price of a "Wil-Bo" Miniature Log Cabin is $500.00, including freight anywhere in North America.  Off shore purchases require a special quote due to freight, customs, etc.  As William is not computer friendly all initial communications are directed to the information contained on our Contact Page.  All purchases are made through Pay Pal.  You do not need to have an Account with PayPal.  You can use your credit cards through PayPal.  We have chosen this method as you have recourse with your purchase.


General Specifications for Wil-Bo miniature log cabins:
Scale: Between 1:24 to 1:36
Base Size: 2 Feet Long x 1 Foot Wide
House Size
  Front::7 inches wide
  Side:12 inches long
  Height::6.5 inches high
  Weight:: 11.5 pounds
Building Materials: Wood, glue, varnish, nails, screws
These miniature log cabins are not suitable for children under 12 years
Photos: Thumbnails (click on photo to make larger)

Wil-Bo Miniature Log Cabin - Front - Face OnWil-Bo Miniature Log Cabin- Front - Right AngleWil-Bo Miniature Log Cabin-Front-Closer Up-Right AngleWil-Bo Miniature Log Cabin-Front- Right Angle - CloserWil-Bo Miniature Log Cabin-Right SideWil-Bo Miniature Log Cabin - Right Side - CloserWil-Bo Miniature Log Cabin - Right Side - BackWil-Bo Miniature Log Cabin-Right Side - Back #2Wil-Bo Miniature Log Cabin - Right Side - Back #3Wil-Bo Miniature Log Cabin - Right Side - Cache Shack - Back HouseWil-Bo Miniature Log Cabin - Cache Shack - Door OpenWil-Bo Miniature Log Cabin - Back House - Door OpenWil-Bo Miniature Log Cabin - Inside of Out HouseWil-Bo Miniature Log Cabin - Back - Right SideWil-Bo Miniature Log Cabin - Back - Left - DownWil-Bo Miniature Log Cabin - Back of Cabin & AmenitiesWil-Bo Miniature Log Cabin - Back - Left SideWil-Bo Miniature Log Cabin - Back - Left Side #2Wil-Bo Miniature Log Cabin - Back - LeftWil-Bo Miniature Log Cabin - Back - Left - DownWil-Bo Miniature Log Cabin - Left Side - Looking into WindowWil-Bo Miniature Log Cabin - Left Window - Head OnWil-Bo Miniature Log Cabin - RoofWil-Bo Miniature Log Cabin - Roof Open on Right SideWil-Bo Miniature Log Cabin - Roof OpeningWil-Bo Miniature Log Cabin - Inside - Back - LeftWil-Bo Miniature Log Cabin - Inside - Back - LeftWil-Bo Miniature Log Cabin - Inside - Back Left #2Wil-Bo Miniature Log Cabin - Inside - BackWil-Bo Miniature Log Cabin - Inside - Right


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